Fort Minor - Remember The Name [Rock Remix By ANDiTKO]

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 06:35 -- ANDiTKO
Fort Minor - Remember The Name [Rock Remix By ANDiTKO]

So, i had that cool idea to remix the song "Fort Minor - Remember The Name" in rock style using guitars and maybe real drums and bass. Few years a go i recorded some demos. After listening to them i wasn't happy about the way they sounded. I was trying to play the original strings melody on electric guitar. And it was a total mess. So last year I've decided that i will make my own guitar melody and play my own riffs. I tried some riffs, then i founded a really cool "Classic Guitar Loop". And i started to make my melody over that loop. I used it for the song intro then i played my own solo and then the Distorted guitar rhythm riff. I tried to record my guitar and make it sound close to the band "The Offspring" from the album "Smash". I made the loops and drums on FL Studio and then i did the final mastering in Reaper. The Final wave output and monitoring was done in Adobe Audition CS 5.5

Song: Remember The Name
Original Artist: Fort Minor
Remixed by: ANDiTKO
Melody: ANDiTKO
Mix and Mastering: ANDiTKO
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock, Hip Hop, Rap Rock
Instruments: Drum Kit (Samples), Bass (Synth), Classic Guitar, Solo distortion Guitar, Rhythm Distortion Guitar, Other Effects
Guitar: Ibanez RG 370DX
Amplifier: Marshall Valvestate 8080
Effects: Behringer Tube Screamer, Mashall JackHammer JH-1, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4
Microphone: Shure SM57
Software Used: Image Line FL Studio 10, Reaper, Adobe Audition CS 5.5


Fort Minor - Remember The Name [Rock Remix By ANDiTKO]

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