Linkin Park - Ultimate Mashup [By ANDiTKO]

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 05:17 -- ANDiTKO
Linkin Park - Ultimate Mashup [By ANDiTKO]

A year ago i made a short mash up between two Linkin Park Songs ("What ive Done" and "Bleed it Out"). I've got a lot of requests to make it longer so... here it is! 3:17 Minutes of Linkin Park masup (using only official sounds from the band). You can hear audio samples from songs like "Papercut", "Bleed it out" , "What ive done", "Numb", "New Divide" and others The song was made with FL Studio, Ableton Live 8 and Adobe Audition 3.0


Linkin Park Mash up By ANDiTKO [New Extended Version]

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